Mount Fuji Lending, Inc.

Need a loan for your business?

What makes our business
loans better for your company?

Our business loans are 100% tailored for the unique needs of your company,
enabling you to pay the loan back more easily.


Low interest rates

1.5% to 3% per month


Fast approval

Loan funds delivered to you in 5 to 7 business days


No hidden charges

No early payback penalties

How will we help you achieve your business goals?


The funds you need, when you need them:

Our loans enable you to manage and grow your company.


Client focused:

We work closely with you to understand your business needs and collaboratively tailor the best loan for you.


Increased cash flow:

We minimize your repayment so you can focus on building your company.


We are a proud Japanese-Filipino company.


Mount Fuji Lending exists to serve unbanked and underserved small and medium enterprises. We seek to transform the lending industry from product-focused to client experience focus.


Mount Fuji Lending will be the B2B lender of choice for small and medium sized businesses in Manila.


Mount Fuji Lending will offer the industry’s most ethical, client-focused, tailored loans that ease repayment challenges by protecting your cash flow, all at low interest rates and with very low fees and no early repayment penalties.


Mount Fuji Lending’s decisions and actions will be guided by our core values:

  • Commitment to integrity
  • Client focus
  • Open and honest client and industry relationships
  • Innovation and continuous improvement
  • Pursuit of excellence

Meet the Mount Fuji team

Aoi Ikeda, BBA (Econ.) japanflag


As a Japanese citizen, Aoi is our bridge to Japan and Mount Fuji’s investors. He has several years of corporate experience in the Philippines, running multiple companies concurrently.

Before entering the corporate world, Aoi was a firefighter and paramedic, which solidified his commitment to put the community’s welfare before his own. This ethos has carried over into his businesses.


Gene Frizzell, MBA, M.Ed. canadaflag

Vice President

Gene is a Canadian who offers 15 years of corporate experience in numerous industries and countries, including six years in Japan. His expertise is in strategy, operations, training, and change management for large multinational companies as well as startups.

Always seeking to serve others, Gene completed volunteer medical, research, and construction tours in developing nations, in addition to years in the Army.

Miks Nieves, BSc. Philippinesflag

Managing Director

Miks has over a decade of business lending experience at some of the largest banks in the Philippines. Before joining Mount Fuji Lending, Miks built a B2B lending department from scratch at one of the biggest lending companies in the Philippines. His strengths include credit evaluation, financial analysis, risk mitigation, and client relationship and portfolio management.

Miks serves Filipinos by helping small and medium size businesses grow and employ community members.