How to apply for a business loan with Mount Fuji Lending

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MFLI Loan Qualifications - Desktop
MFLI Loan Qualifications - Mobile

Documents Required

Mount Fuji Lending is 100% transparent in listing all required documents and when they are needed.

You already have most of these requirements and we will provide you templates for the others. We require less than many of our competitors, and we won’t contact your customers and suppliers.

We will never charge you a fee to submit an Application. A processing fee will be charged only upon disbursement of loan funds to you.

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MFLI Loan Requirements - Desktop
MFLI Loan Requirements - Mobile

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Mount Fuji Lending does not operate an online lending platform. All applications and loan processing are handled by our Credit and Relationship Managers on our company premises in Makati, NCR, Philippines. In addition, we conduct an ocular visit at your company and require a face-to-face meeting with applicants. Loan documentation and signing is also conducted face-to-face prior to loan release.