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We are a multi-cultural, cross-disciplinary team of professionals dedicated to transforming the lending industry.

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Miks Nieves



With a commitment to transform the lending industry, Miks and his team at Mount Fuji Lending work with industry leaders and partners to enhance financial inclusivity for SMEs. Their collective mission revolves around nurturing sustainable growth and long-term success by changing the way SMEs think, act, and operate.

Aside from non-bank lending, Miks’ background includes commercial banking, SME banking, secured lending, and trade finance. He is proficient in strategy, operations, credit and risk, finance, leadership, and the principles of Kaizen.

Miks Nieves is a possibilist who believes in finding the right balance in everything we do. He lives to inspire others to grow bigger than their boxes.


Mikee Narciso

BSBM (Bachelor of Science in Business Management)

Team Head, Credit and Relationship Management

Mikee has been in the business lending industry for over 7 years. Before joining Mount Fuji, she worked at BDO Unibank, Inc., the Philippines’ largest bank, where she’s racked up skills and experience working with businesses of all sizes from various industries.

As a Credit and Relationship Manager, she sums up her daily work with a quote by Paulo Coelho: “It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.” At her core, she is motivated by entrepreneurs’ unique business stories, from that a-ha moment of discovery down to the grit of building their dream companies.

With Mount Fuji, Mikee hopes to become an agent of growth to help Filipino business owners realize their biggest aspirations.


Janina Santiago

BSIE (Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering)

Continuous Improvement Manager

Practicing quality management since 2016, Nina has been exposed to various facets of the industry including audits, automation, and process improvement. Her journey commenced in construction projects but gradually she found her niche with the leading HMO in the country, predominantly emphasizing on quality management.

Nina’s holistic experience from diverse industries positions her perfectly to drive quality and innovative outputs for MFLI. Her endeavors will invariably aim at forging a positive influence not just for our customers but also for all our stakeholders.


Kim Lance Quialquial


Compliance and Risk Manager

Kim has had previous experience in risk and compliance operations for the real estate industry, banks, investment companies, and major international insurers such as The Insular Life Assurance Company LTD ( Insular Life)
Philippine National Bank (PNB), Allianz PNB Life (Allianz PNB). Throughout his career, he’s also held membership in the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

Kim is a natural savant. He possesses credentials in risk analysis, technical analysis, and financial analysis, as well as three years of education in the legal field. These skills have informed his finesse as a professional in risk and compliance, even earning a high-ranking position as Chief Risk and Compliance Officer, ensuring that the company is able to strike a healthy balance between the risks it takes and the rewards it receives. He’s a proven asset not just to the Boards who look to him for well-informed assessments, but also to the entire company’s future and longevity. He hopes to bring the same reliability and mastery to Mount Fuji.


Lester Ollague

BSBA (Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Major in Business Management)

Risk and Compliance Officer

Lester spent several years in real estate evictions compliance at Filinvest Land, a leader in real estate. There, he helped ensure the company remained compliant with regulatory agencies, conducted risk audits and customer risk mitigation, and filed legal cases.

During his spare time, Lester goes home to his province to spend time with his family and unwind by going to the family beach, and sometimes play basketball.


Jameson Rivera

BSBA-FA (Business Administration with a Major in Financial Accounting)

Accounting Officer

Jameson is an accounting professional with over five years of experience in bookkeeping, financial administration, tax accounting and compliance, document processing, and records keeping. Prior to Mount Fuji Lending, he worked at an accounting consultancy firm where he served numerous clients across various industries.

At Mount Fuji Lending, he  maintains the accuracy and transparency of financial reports and contributes to the growth and development of the accounting department and our company. With a penchant for learning new things, he strives for continuous development both on a personal and professional level.

Jameson has high interest in sports, especially basketball. He also loves to travel via his motorcycle.


Patrick Crespo

AB-CDA (Bachelor of Arts in Consular and Diplomatic Affairs)

Executive Assistant

Coming from the public sector, Patrick has extensive experience with diverse stakeholders. Having served in the Legislative Branch as an Administrative Officer under the Office of Senator Antonio Trillanes IV and in the Executive Branch as an Administrative, Field and Political Officer under the Office of Vice President Leni Robredo. During his eight year stint serving different institutions he developed government administrative and public service skills that are people centered.

Patrick is very family oriented. His interests include cars, Korean dramas, Korean pop music, Korean observational variety shows, geopolitics, and history.

As part of the Mount Fuji Lending family, Patrick wants to contribute by applying the best practices he gained in the public service sector  and give the best service possible for our clients and senior leadership.


Rhey Baquero

BS-E (Bachelor of Science in Economics)

Credit and Relationship Associate

Rhey has years of experience in research and analysis for the financial and real estate industries, particularly at FactSet Philippines Inc, which is one of the top 10 global investment banks and 95 of the top 100 asset managers. There, he analyzed, collected, and processed financial market data from various data sources for database entry, leading to his skills with data tools such as SQL, E-View, and SPSS, and Excel.

Through his skills in relationship building, communication, organization, and accountability, Rhey develops trusting and respectful relationships with colleagues and clients.


Ayesha Alib

BSBA-FM (Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Major in Financial Management)

Credit and Relationship Associate

Ayesha has extensive experience within claims, mortgage loan, healthcare and customer service. Her invaluable contributions have been dedicated to enhancing operational efficiency, decision-making, and fostering growth for renowned organizations.

As an individual who continually seeks personal growth, she remains driven by insatiable curiosity and hunger for knowledge. Constantly staying at the forefront of industry advancements and acquiring new skills, Ayesha embraces and leverages emerging technologies to drive innovation, transformative change, inspire others, and deliver outstanding results.